• Begliktash - Thracian sanctuary Primorsko

    Located near the ruins of the ancient Roman city Ranuli in the vicinity of the reserve "Ropotamo" the ridge of the nose "Maslen" - about 3 km. of Primorsko. A circle of huge stones, situated on a rocky surface, in the middle of the meadow. Thracians worshiped area, carried the gifts, turning it into a kind of temple.
  • Wealth of Strandja heart of Thrace

    Along with its unique beaches, Primorsko offers other attractions unique to this region. The location of the town gives additional opportunities for exploring a number of other seaside attractions of Strandja mountain (the heart of Thrace), and many interesting villages and localities. What worth is combined with the emotion and romance of the sea is amazing spectacle of fire dancing - a walk with bare feet on hot coals. A 30 km. south of Primorsko can see the unique periwinkle - the plant of the Tertiary era. Only here!
  • Cape Maslen

    Cape Maslen is part of the northeast arm of the Strandja Mountain, jutting out into the Black Sea. Much of the Cape Maslen is vlklyuchena in the eponymous protected area of 'landmark'. Legend says the origin of the name associated with the collapsed sail carrying olive oil. From there started calling local nose "Olive burun." Even today, many of the sites used the term "burun" instead of the Cape. In this area is the Thracian sanctuary Begliktash, seal cave Paraskevi Bay and many other picturesque places and bays.
  • The Ropotamo river and its attractions

    "Ropotamo" is the name of the reserve, which is located about 5 km. north of Primorsko. Within the reserve are many interesting and unique natural sites: the firth and the picturesque river estuary Ropotamo Arkoutino - here you can see water lilies, dense forests, sand dunes and not least rock formation - Lion head.
  • Primorsko Aquapark

    The aqua park is located at the beginning of the town, street "Frigate" 2. South of Bourgas it is the only such attraction. For nothing in the world do not miss it. Regenerate your adrenaline!